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Interior Design

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Decorating For Pets


Creating an animal-friendly interior Can you have a pet and a beautiful home? You bet! Read on to see how you can decorate fashionably while keeping your animal’s needs in mind. Skip the carpet – carpet absorbs odors, traps pet hair, and soaks up stains. It’s very difficult to keep clean with a pet in [...]

Make Your Bookcase Look Fabulous


Bookcases are a common way to organize books and other decorative items. But because the shelves are open, your “stuff” is on display. So it is often a challenge to make everything look attractive. In a library or office, book are frequently arranged by subject and stuffed in the shelves – with little attention paid [...]

Set the Table, and Set the Scene…


Table setting can be a lot of fun, especially when you are having people over. The perfect table setting is sure to wow your guests. There are lots of ideas, and they can all work for different occasions. Give some of these ideas a try! – Go for color – but not too much. Color [...]

How To Make Monochromatic Beautiful


When looking to create a subdued atmosphere in a room, many homeowners opt for a monochromatic color scheme – using just one color. But will the use of just one hue make a space look boring? Absolutely not! When decorating with a sophisticated, monochromatic color scheme, make your room interesting with these tips. – Use [...]